The company formerly known as Aunchalee Company Limited in 1994 and S.C. Services E Company Limited in 2002 – is considered as one of the first major Money Changer service provider at Pradiphat District. Since 2012 we have been triumphing with the name of Twelve Victory Exchange Company Limited up until today

Twelve Victory Exchange recognizes the need to expand its territories to serve the increasing demand of the ever-growing foreign currencies market. Our branch covers both landmark cities and tourists’ destinations with extended plans to widen our exposure in the future in alignment with the growth of the tourism sector.

Currency exchange service provider with a globally recognized standard as we ensure comfort, transparency and heart-warming services for our customers; together with the implementation of technology as we leap towards the ever-changing future.

“Twelve Victory the Rate is Always Good!”



Essentially, with the onset of the AEC Economic Community approaching and the status of Thailand as one of the major hubs in the community, the company foresees a vast influx of foreign currencies into Thailand and hence our aspiration to extend our reaches to serve a comprehensive base of consumer both domestically and internationally 


Our company complies strictly with domestic and international regulations with full transparency together with competitive pricing and heart-warming services to all our customers. Moreover, we are highly engaged towards being socially-responsible to the Thai society


Ms. Chanaporn has accumulated extensive levels of experience from her profound knowledge from her years of familiarity with the foreign exchange industry from abroad. She foresees an initial opportunity to accommodate the tourism sector in Thailand, when it first established itself as one of the tourism hotspots of the world coinciding with Thailand representing a major hub for AEC.


With the management vision of Khun Chanaporn that does not stop in creating jobs and creating opportunities throughout the past period Therefore, it has been accepted by various business circles. Not just foreign exchange business and honored to serve as the first President of the Association of Foreign Exchange (TAFEX) in Thailand

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